Siobhan Dubois was born in Glasgow, Scotland and is the younger of two siblings. She and her parents immigrated to Canada when she was just six months old. Siobhan now lives just outside Toronto, Ontario and is a rock/alternative artist. She sings and plays acoustic guitar, flute, tin whistle, recorder, percussion and keyboard. She got her first guitar as a birthday present from a pair of neighborhood friends when she was five. It was a small, red plastic Mickey Mouse guitar. Siobhan strummed on the little guitar and also banged on pots and pans, pretending to be playing the drums. Singing and songwriting came naturally to her when she was a child and she would often sing herself to sleep, making up songs. As she got older she would often run around her home singing original operas at the top of her lungs. By ten she was singing solos in both church and school choirs. Her early influences were Anne Murry, The Osmonds and Burton Cummings. While in grade school she learned to read music and play the recorder. Meanwhile at home she played with a mini keyboard and a microphone her parents bought her, giving concerts to friends and family. 

Siobhan began to take her music more seriously at the age of fourteen. She started taking courses on vocal music offered by her high school, and she joined two school choirs. Influenced by the older teenage guys at her school who played guitar, she begged her parents to buy her an acoustic guitar. She took five lessons but then became bored at the slow rate that the teacher taught. She quit but continued to learn guitar from her high school music teacher, who became a mentor to her. She did solos in the school’s spring concerts and church services, and competed in local Kiwanis Festivals with the choirs. She listened to the bands Styx and Heart and started dressing like Nancy Wilson, her favorite guitarist. She also formed a band called Equinox. At sixteen Siobhan started seriously writing songs. Her first song was a haunting sea chantey entitled, “Look What He’s Done”.  

In her early twenties, Siobhan began teaching music at a local music school. She would continue to teach both vocal and guitar for five years. She recorded a demo which was played across Southern Ontario College radio stations. She also entered the Canadian National Exhibition Rising Star Competition and made it to the second round before she was disqualified for accompanying herself on guitar without giving the judges advanced notice. Undaunted by her defeat, she continued to write original music and began playing live at local venues, including Durham College, with a two-man band she formed called Wooden Swan.  By her mid-twenties, Siobhan had performed music on both local and national television. Unfortunately, as Siobhan’s career was on the rise, she was in a bad car accident from which she got the muscle disorder known as Muscular Fibromyalgia. Plagued by chronic pain, she was unable to continue playing live. Now in her thirties and determined to continue her career, Siobhan re-released her demo to all North American college and universities radio stations, where her music was played all over the campus radio circuit. 

Siobhan continues to write music and has written over 125 songs to date. Her songs are about everything from friendship to tea. At present, Siobhan keeps herself musically sharp by singing in a local choir and she has plans to record and produce a six song EP to be released on both campus and public radio across North America and possibly Britain. She is also developing her own home TV  studio where she can produce and direct her own music videos.